Welcome to Clear Vision Coaching

“What would it feel like if you achieved
more than you ever thought you could?”


I’m an achievement coach and an expert in sales and direct marketing. 

I became a coach because I started out in life feeling confused, insecure and afraid of failure before I even began.

Fortunately, I found a passion for selling and entrepreneurship and, through hard work, became a top 1% female direct sales earner in the US.

Now I’m a certified coach and I focus on helping people do what I did-leave behind the bumpy road of failed effort and move up to the high road of achievement

I help executives and organizations fulfill their capacity for achievement, not because they’ve started out better than everyone else

-but because they’ve done a better job at mastering themselves. 

You too can do what many great athletes and business people do. That is, hire a coach who knows that championship results usually don’t come from exceptional talent or luck. Results most often come from digging in and doing the work!

It’s not that you can’t work hard on your own. It’s more likely that busy people like you benefit the most from a well-targeted jump-start-along with a clear vision from someone who knows your business, honestly cares that you reach your goals and shows you how to find and clear the roadblocks in your way. 

Since I know what it takes to overcome the failure model and sell in 2 months what others sold in a year, to stand up on a stage and motivate hundreds of people, to simply help an overwhelmed mother master the art of tough love, I’ve created a roadmap that can help you get there too!

Let me introduce you to the Clear Vision Coach.

Kim Boucher

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